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Have you been there?

You hired a translator, and as you read the work, you think, "Not entirely wrong, but it doesn't sound right either." Then, you find a technical term that seems to come from a completely different field, and yet another one ("That's just not how it's said!"), and another one ("This was translated differently before"). It seems your translator is fluent in the target language, but still, the result is unsuitable for presenting your company in the best light.

We offer something different—professional, custom translations in the business, technical, and industrial domains to bring your expertise to the world and suit your readership.

Along with professional translation, you will benefit from our more than 25 years of hands-on, broad-based engineering and operational management experience in the industry. All work is always proofread by a second native speaker. This means that you will always receive a high-quality translation, plus professional expertise from a single source—This is precisely what our customers appreciate most about us.


What We Offer You

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We translate commercial and technical content from English to German and vice versa—hands-on and tailored to your target audience. You will benefit from our more than 25 years of broad engineering and management experience in our subject areas. We know what you are writing about and how best to express it in the target language.

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4+2 Eyes Principle

Quality always comes first. To achieve this, we will work with you as a team. All translations undergo a thorough stylistic, orthographic, and grammatical check by our in-house proofreader. We will also review your source text during the translation process and provide feedback about improvements or errors that might have crept into the text.

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Flexible Pricing

Whether it is an hourly rate or a price per word: we offer you language services at a com­peti­tive price! If you choose to work with us for a longer period—as over 90 % of our customers do—you will also benefit from the glossaries and translation memory we compile, which further reduces turnaround times.

360 degree service 24/7

All-Round Service

We are done only when you are satisfied. This includes constant availability, swift response times, and proactive communication. As a result, you are always up-to-date and in­formed about the progress of our project.

on-time delivery

100% On-Time Delivery

Even more critical than fast turnaround times, with us, you can always rely on punctual delivery. At the onset of each order, we will agree with you on the target date for our delivery—and it is guaranteed! Express translation jobs are possible by arrangement.

trusted language service provider

Confidentiality & Privacy

All information concerning our business relationship is strictly confidential! We prefer to use on-premises tools for our work and online tools only if the connection is encrypted and the service we are using does not collect data. If required, we will be happy to complete an NDA with you.

human translation meets machine translation

Human Translation Meets Automation

We provide human translation services by experts for experts! We use a Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool, Translation Memory (TM), as well as Internet-based research and text analysis tools to provide you with short turnaround times and fair prices.

proofreading and editing in english and german

Translation Services Focusing on Your Audience

We do not just adapt units of measurement or language-specific punctuation, but tailor the trans­lation to your intended readership—be it senior management, investors, employees, or customers; and if desired, marketing and advertising content (transcreation).

technical translation of various file formats

We Speak All Common File Formats

Apart from classic text and spreadsheet formats, we support PDF*, Markdown and other markup languages, standard key-value formats, GNU gettext, and many more. Your format is not here? Then talk to us!

green translation

Peace of Mind

Even though we are a boutique translation agency, we care about our work's environmental impact, as small as it might be. To reach our goal of serving you with CO2-neutral trans­lations, we record our resource consumption and offset our footprint through appropriate donations for reforestation and photovoltaic installations.


Why We Are Different

specialist translation-as-a-service

We do not just translate your text into another language, but under­stand what you are talking about and make sure your readers do too.

For us, the translator is first and foremost a fellow professional—with specialist knowledge and many years of practical experience in both linguistic worlds. This way, professional technical translations are created by experts for experts!

Digital Transformation

Industrial Automation・Industry 4.0・Smart Manu­facturing・Internet of Things (IoT)・Additive Manu­facturing・Robot­ics・Big Data・Cloud Computing・Cyber­security・Artificial Intelligence (AI)・Blockchain・Smart City

Engineering & Technology

Electronics・Information & Communication Tech­nology・Informatics・Mechanical Engineering・Manufacturing Technology・Environmental Technology

Value Chain

Supply Chain・Logistics・Pro­duction・Marketing・Sales・E-commerce・Service & Support

Quality Management

Quality Management・Quality Assurance・Quality Engineering・Quality Tools (Six-Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen, TQM)・Work Safety

Corporate Communications

Website Localization・Online Mar­keting・Social Media・SEO・Business Presentations・Investor Relations・Public Relations・Document Translations


What Our Customers Say

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